Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Giuliani Triangulation Strategy Spreads

Yet another conservative embraces my strategy for a Giuliani triangulation on social issues that would remove the mayor's biggest issue-oriented roadblock to the Republican nomination. Richard Baehr of the American Thinker sees Rudy as a natural choice to unify economic conservatives, national security conservatives, moderate Democrats, and independents, but admits that the elephant in the room is Rudy's long history of cultural liberalism that would threaten to drive a wedge between a Rudy-led GOP and social conservatives. Baehr describes the current CW of how Rudy can get around this --- either with a flip-flop or a "hands-off social issues" strategy --- and counters that CW with his own idea, one that sounds interestingly like that which has been put forth on this blog. Money quote:

"My own view is that there is a third strategy for Giuliani to become an acceptable candidate to religious conservatives. That would be to state publicly that he believed that President Bush had made two very good appointments to the Supreme Court in John Roberts and Sam Alito...The reality is that "progressive" social legislation generally does not pass the Congress to become law. Law changes to implement the "progressive" social agenda have been more often judicially mandated. If Giuliani promises to appoint Supreme Court and lower court justices who will be perceived as strict constructionists (even if he does not use those exact words), then he will do no worse in this area than a candidate who has professed a pro-life policy for his or her entire political career."

Exactly. As I stated earlier, when social policy is left to the states, cultural conservatives win. In that sense, Giuliani's personal views on social issues are irrelevant as far as the presidency is concerned. If Rudy comes forth as a social federalist who believes that it's not the job of the federal government to sign off on social policy one way or the other --- promising to veto socially liberal legislation and appoint federalist judges to the courts as a consequence --- the impact of a Giuliani presidency on the issues that social conservatives care about would be at least as good as any other Republican and would be eons better than Hillary.


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